Former Reality Star Working at TGI Fridays — and Proud of It

Jul 20, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A man who achieved fame as a reality TV personality was reportedly unhappy about having his cover blown when a report surfaced that he’s now working at TGI Fridays. TMZ.com reported early today that Jon Gosselin, who starred on the TLC reality series “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” is working as a cook for the restaurant chain in Lancaster, Pa.

Gosselin later went on the radio show “Kannon and Sybil” in Dallas to express his frustration and said he has quit the job. He also said he has been donating his paychecks to charity, and said he’s passionate about cooking and enjoyed the job.

TMZ reports that Gosselin has been working at the restaurant for a few months, and went through chef boot camp before starting work. His cover was apparently blown when a co-worker posted a photo online with Gosselin and a couple of co-workers.

Gosselin and wife Kate starred first in a series of Discovery Health Channel specials about their large family, going back to 2007, which evolved into the TLC reality show. After Kate and Jon divorced in 2009, the reality show rebooted as “Kate Plus 8.”

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  1. What’s wrong with being a celebrity chef at TGI Fridays—especially if he’s a good chef? Some charity just lost a lot of donations, and that TGI’ Fridays just lost a lot of business.

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