Francis Ford Coppola Relaunches Zoetrope.com — And Tells a Story From Junior High to Explain What It’s About

Jul 13, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Francis Ford Coppola, the filmmaker behind the “Godfather” movies, “Apocalypse Now” and other revered films, has relaunched Zoetrope.com, his 19-year-old virtual studio, Variety reports. Among the updates is the addition of a showcase for short films.

“The website, which touts itself as setting the precedent for a new era of crowd-sourcing and writing workshops, includes acting resumes, photography, song writing, short films, stories, novels, scripts, short flash fiction, poetry, music and photos,” Variety reports. “The new short films section is designed to offer screenwriters, directors and producers peer feedback. Zoetrope.com requires that for every story a member submits, they are required to review five other works, so each person gets exposed to other writing, which provides growing opportunities in addition to receiving feedback.”

In a statement, Coppola said: “When I was a kid I remember looking in the locked gates of a movie studio, which was across the street from the Junior High School I was attending. I was wishing that I could get in and see what these mythical movie studios were. Years later I actually bought that studio, and I went to that Junior High School and I talked about it to the students and I said ‘alright kids let’s go,’ and I took them across the street and right in through the studio gates.

“And that’s what I was trying to do with this site — let everyone have access to a movie studio or set a new context of creative community for people interested in cinema, music, acting, art, graphics, photography, songwriting, and so on.”

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