How the Rest of the World — But Not the U.S. and Canada — Will Be Able to Watch the New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series

Jul 18, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A new licensing agreement covering 188 countries around the world — but excluding the U.S. and Canada — was announced today between CBS Studios International and Netflix that will place CBS’s new “Star Trek” series on Netflix across the globe.

In the U.S., the show will premiere on the CBS broadcast network but subsequent episodes will be accessible via the CBS All Access subscription service, as previously reported.

Episodes of the new show will premiere globally within 24 hours of the U.S. premiere, the companies noted.

“Additionally, all 727 existing episodes of the iconic ‘Star Trek’ television library — including ‘Star Trek: The Original Series,’ ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation,’ ‘“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,’ ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ — will be available on Netflix around the world by the end of 2016,” the announcement notes.

The new “Star Trek” series is scheduled to begin production in Toronto in September, with its premiere set for January 2017.

Please click here for additional details in the full announcement.

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  1. Star Trek was created by an American in America. Filmed in the US and it became an American cultural icon. So, the rest of the world can watch for free if they have Netflix, but here, in America, even if we have Netflix, we will still have to pay CBS to watch it. Screw you, CBS.

    • Been a fan of Star Trek since the original series aired. I second your opinion.

  2. This Star Trek is going to be a huge expensive flop for CBS. The revenue from CBS All Access subscriptions won’t make up from all the ad revenue–and viewers– that CBS is giving up, by not airing the show on a broadcast network, where everybody can watch the new Star Trek live with advertising. I’ll wait for the DVD release.

  3. But the new show will be licensed to the rest of the world and bring in hefty fees along with decades of future sales so CBS will continue to rake in big dough from the show and it becomes an invaluable cog in attempting to establish their streaming service. Putting the show on the network increases studio meddling and a dumbing down for ratings success. I’d rather have a more adventurous Fargo/Breaking Bad risk taking Trek than one CBS might cancel after 13 weeks.

    Plus, paying for CBS Access during the run of the show would be cheaper than buying the episodes individually or as a season. Of course, if the show sucks I won’t care either way but hiring Nicholas Meyers gives me hope for something worth a few bucks a month.

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