If You’re Too Busy to Play Pokemon Go, Now You Can Get Someone Else to Play It for You (For a Price)

Jul 22, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A cottage industry has sprouted in connection with the Pokemon Go augmented reality game. For a price, entrepreneurs will play the game for people who are too busy to play it themselves, the AP reports.

“New ads are popping up on Craigslist nearly every day from people who say they will log on to your ‘Pokemon Go’ account and effectively run up your score while you are stuck at work or sitting in class,” the story reports.

The report mentions Lewis Gutierrez, who has been playing the game in the New York area for clients who pay about $20 an hour for his services.

“Gutierrez, who described himself as a welder and writer, said he began by helping relatives with the game after it was released in the U.S. in early July. Then he put a post on Craigslist advertising his services professionally,” the story reports. “He said he was immediately inundated with requests from potential customers and had to recruit [Jordan] Clark, a part-time wine purveyor, to help.”

Said Gutierrez: “I couldn’t even do it by myself. I had two phones. I was doing, like, 10-hour days and I got my friend Jordan to come along with me. And now it looks like we are going to have to hire another person. So, it’s just been booming.”

Clark and Gutierrez, who are college friends, call themselves Pokewalkers and say the service is reminiscent of dogwalking.

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