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Is This the Real Reason Residents in the Hamptons Are Unhappy About Upcoming Reality Show?

Jul 13, 2016  •  Post A Comment

An upcoming reality show has met stiff opposition from the locals, and the real reason may be something more than meets the eye.

As we reported previously, the Bravo series “Summer House” has been trying to shoot in the East Hampton hamlet of Montauk, where residents and officials have thrown a variety of obstacles in their way.

While the conventional wisdom is that the locals don’t want another “Jersey Shore” trashing their town through the bad behavior of rowdy cast members, a new report in The New York Post suggests area residents may be more concerned about their own bad behavior.

“High-flying Hamptons residents are freaking out that their naughty behavior will be caught on camera while Bravo show ‘Summer House’ shoots at hot spots around town,” The Post reports. “One married man was recently complaining loudly to a club owner about cameras that buzzed around the show’s cast while he dropped thousands on booze and was surrounded by women.”

Zach Erdem, the owner of AM Southampton, told the publication: “Management came to me saying, ‘Some guy spent $10K and is married and has girls around and doesn’t want to be filmed.’ I told [the producers] the shooting had to be done. They were there for two hours and had to leave.”


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  1. Rich spoiled arrogant brads is what they are in the Hamptons. They would not know a hard days work if it jumped up and bit them.

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