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New Amazon Deal Means Both Netflix and Hulu Will Lose Programming

Jul 1, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Amazon Prime has struck a new deal for content that will pull programming away from rival video streamers Netflix and Hulu. The New York Times reports that the deal makes Amazon Prime the exclusive premium streaming service for most of PBS’s children’s shows.

“The deal means that much of PBS Kids programming — including shows like ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,’ ‘Wild Kratts’ and ‘Odd Squad’ — will be removed from rival streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, and will be available only on Amazon Prime,” The Times reports.

The programming moves to Amazon starting today, July 1. Terms were not disclosed.

“For Amazon, it is the latest move in a battle among the streaming giants, along with HBO, to acquire or create as many children’s television shows as possible,” the report notes. “Last year, HBO acquired the rights to broadcast first-run episodes of ‘Sesame Street,’ and by the end of this year Netflix will have 35 original series for children.”

Children — a demo that “binge watched” before we had a widespread term for it — are a natural target for streaming services, which have been competing vigorously to get parents to subscribe.

“According to a study released by Nielsen this week, children between the ages of 2 and 11 watched two fewer hours of live television per week this year compared with last year, as the amount of time they spent watching digital platforms jumped,” The Times notes.

The content that is moving to Amazon will continue to air on PBS stations, the PBS website and the PBS Kids Video app, before moving to Amazon Prime about six months after its premiere date.

Daniel-Tigers-Neighborhood“Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”


  1. Why on Earth is this company not being investigated for their clearly anti-competitive and monopolistic behavior? Why on Earth is the U.S. DoJ the lapdog for this company?

  2. John:
    Bezo’s contributes heavily to the D party who is in control. Nevertheless, give it time Bezo’s empire will crumble, they all do at some point. The answer is less government interference, not more.

  3. Seriously, a DoJ investigation for being a monopoly? Are you kidding? Have you really looked at your country in a while? Just about every big business you can think of is currently part of a monopoly or in the process of being acquired by a monopoly – or soon will be. This is what happens when “corporations are people too” and can afford to ceaselessly lobby and funnel unlimited funds to politicians.

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