Popular Netflix Series in Hot Water With Veterans

Jul 15, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Veterans’ groups are raising objections to one of Netflix’s most popular series, saying they’re disturbed by how veterans who have been hired as prison guards are depicted on “Orange Is the New Black.”

“The veterans’ groups say they take issue with the way the new guards disparage the inmates throughout season four of the drama that takes place in a women’s prison and the way they talk about their combat experiences,” the AP reports.

The report notes: “The Veterans of Foreign Wars called the show ‘offensive.’ Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Of America said it will further stigmatize veterans, and Disabled American Veterans said the show is out of the touch with the reality of the veteran experience.”

The report cites an example in which a guard talks about killing innocent people in Afghanistan.

“After spending so much time chasing bad guys, he said, ‘you get so mad, tired and bored’ that you ‘just grab a farm kid’ and make him juggle live grenades until one blows up,” the story reports.

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  1. Oh my god. It’s entertainment….not a reality show!! Gimme a freaking break!! Sheesh..

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