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How Television’s Next Big Transformation Will Take Shape

Aug 30, 2016  •  Post A Comment

As digital technology continues to transform the medium of television, the next big transition will include the abandonment of the notion of prime time, according to a veteran television writer.

In an article in Media Life Magazine, Toni Fitzgerald writes: “The idea of a linear lineup has increasingly become outdated. DVRs and online viewing allow people to watch what they want when they want, and within a few years, viewers will no longer be content to watch when the networks tell them to.”

Fitzgerald’s other predictions for the industry include the collapse of cable MSOs, the shutdown of small cable networks, the transition of sports viewing to a digital model and the airing of TV shows on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and other social networks.

Please click on the link to Media Life near the top of this story to read Fitzgerald’s full analysis.


  1. “the airing of TV shows on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and other social networks.”

    Thanks, but I’d rather watch on a 65″ screen than a 4″ or 10″ screen.

  2. These types of articles are always featured prominently and are always misleading to mainstream readers. Yes, in years that might happen, but “a few years” will be more like twenty years, than five. Articles like this talk of technology and advancement, but the reality is that it will only go as fast as middle America will let it. Middle Americans still use VCR’s, watch DVD’s instead of TV shows on phones, and still watch a lot of Live TV, but that doesn’t make for fun articles about how the world is going to change tomorrow. So, yes, change will come, but it will not be fast, and it will not be soon, and middle America will fight it tooth and nail.

  3. Wishful thinking boys. The future is closer than you think – Fitzgerald’s “predictions” are old news. I would posit that Nick and Scott don’t have school age children. For a growing number of people prime time and TV no longer exist and that growth is exponential. As for Scott, he probably still uses a land line.

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