Report: Brian Williams Expected to Get New Show on MSNBC

Aug 16, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Brian Williams is expected to anchor a new 11 p.m. program on MSNBC wrapping up the day’s campaign news, sources have told CNN.

The program is expected to run between Labor Day and Election Day, CNN Says.

Reports CNN’s Brian Stelter, “The plan is subject to change until the scheduling move is officially announced. But the Williams program has been under consideration for weeks inside MSNBC. One of the sources said it will be a half hour show, with MSNBC’s usual replays of prime time programming picking up at 11:30 p.m.”

Stelter adds, “Williams has not had a regularly scheduled time slot up until now, so the 11 p.m. program will be a significant milestone. By giving it a two-month time span, signaling that it will end after Nov. 8, MSNBC is giving Williams an anchoring opportunity while limiting the potential downsides.”




  1. Well, He once said he wanted to be on in late night. Guess he got his wish…..

    To be honest I don’t think he should have been replaced on the nightly news. Suspended yes, but not replaced. It is my opinion but I don’t care much for Lester.

  2. Yeah I won’t watch. Can’t believe anything he says now.

  3. I am sorry he was taken off the air. He was the most personable and entertaining of all the newscasters. He does not embellish anymore than any politician or public personality. Just does it in a more entertaining way. Look forward to seeing him again……

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