Streaming Video Pioneer Dead at 48

Aug 5, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A tech pioneer who helped shape the current digital media landscape died this week while out surfing. CNet reports that Blake Krikorian, the co-founder of Sling Media, died Wednesday.

Krikorian apparently suffered a heart attack while he was surfing in the San Francisco area. He was 48.

“Krikorian had recently served as the corporate vice president for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, following the acquisition of his company, id8 Group R2 Studios, by Redmond in 2013,” the report notes.

But he was best known as one of the founders of Sling Media along with his brother Jason and Bhupen Shah. “That company’s Slingbox, first released in 2005, was the among the first handful of products to offer video ‘placeshifting’ technology — the ability to digitize the signal from your cable box and stream it to a PC or mobile device elsewhere in the home, or around the world,” the report notes.

The story quotes Brian Jaquet, who served as Sling’s director of corporate communications, talking about the Krikorian brothers’ inspiration for Slingox, which grew from their interest in watching San Francisco Giants games while they were traveling.

Said Jaquet: “They just wanted to watch the games from the road, and couldn’t believe there wasn’t a way to do that.”

Here’s an interview with Kirkorian from CES in 2008 …

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