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The Oakland Raiders, Spurned in Attempt to Move to L.A., Now Have Another City in Their Sights

Aug 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The Oakland Raiders want out of Oakland, and with their move to L.A. dead, they now have their eye on Las Vegas. LA Curbed reports that the team has unveiled plans for “a flashy new stadium” in Vegas.

The move comes after the NFL owners cleared the way for the Rams’ return to Los Angeles, driving a nail into the coffin of a plan that would have had both the San Diego Chargers and the Raiders relocating to a new stadium in the Carson section of the L.A. metro area.

The city of Carson is now looking into building a shopping mall on the site of the planned stadium, LA Curbed reports. The Raiders, meanwhile, have proposed building a Las Vegas stadium along the lines of what had been planned for Carson.

“The stadium’s construction, of course, is far from a done deal,” the report notes. “The Raiders, who are teaming up with Las Vegas Sands Corp. and Majestic Realty to build the stadium, are still finalizing the sale of a proposed stadium site just west of the Mandalay Bay resort and casino. The team will also have to convince all 32 NFL owners to approve the move — no easy task, if the vote that sent the Rams back to LA is any indication.”



  1. I would have thought they’d go to St. Louis.

  2. They will never move to Las Vegas. After the NBA All Star mess the Raiders would be the worst team from an image standpoint to move to Sin City. Vegas would be an absolute terrible decision. The NFL will never vote for such a move.

  3. Never say never. The NFL has sent out some smoke signals plus Vegas is getting a NHL expansion team. I don’t think St. Louis wants any part of the NFL after first losing the Cardinals, and then the back room deal Kroenke and Goodell evidently made whtn Kroenke exercised his option to buy the team at the 11th hour after another buyer was identified.

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