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Trump Blasts CNN Over ‘Hoax’ Report

Aug 11, 2016  •  Post A Comment

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump fired back after a controversial CNN report said that the Secret Service had held “more than one conversation” with the Trump campaign about his comments this week on the Second Amendment.

As we reported previously, CNN reported that a Secret Service official had confirmed the conversations took place. But subsequent reports raised questions about the claim, with Reuters on Wednesday night citing a federal official saying the Secret Service had not spoken formally with Trump’s campaign.

The controversy flared up after comments by Trump were taken by some observers as a call to violence against Hillary Clinton by “the Second Amendment people,” as Trump put it.

Trump took to Twitter to chide CNN over the report. In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, the candidate wrote: “No such meeting or conversation ever happened — a made up story by ‘low ratings’ @CNN.”

He followed up with a message three hours later, tweeting: “Reuters just announced that Secret Service never spoke to me or my campaign. Made up story by @CNN is a hoax. Totally dishonest.”

Meanwhile, discussion of the issue on CNN became heated, with an especially contenious confrontation taking place between CNN host Don Lemon and GOP congressional candidate Dan Bongino. Here’s the clip …


  1. TRUMP 2016!

    • Fuck trump the chump–a blowhard of the first order and a complete idiot.

  2. If your ratings suck, you have to do something to get attention, even if it’s lying. Where is Ted Turner when CNN needs him? They sure have gone downhill after Ted sold them.

  3. I applaud the intelligent and well thought out comment by Dude Ashby. Your mother would be proud how you were able to “use your words.” Has anyone else read the reports that CNN’s ratings have dipped to below even MSNBC?? Lower than MSNBC!!! This is due to their non-stop coverage of the non-story regarding Trump’s comment about NRA members. Meanwhile, nobody at CNN seems to have discovered that more Hillary emails have been released and the hacking of the DNC is more widespread than originally thought. Now THERE’s a story to cover.


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