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Dos Equis Introduces the New ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ — Here He Is

Sep 7, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Dos Equis released a video today introducing its new “most interesting man in the world.” The new video clip, which you can watch below, comes six months after the previous “most interesting man,” actor Jonathan Goldsmith, wrapped up his long run as the spokesman for the Mexican beer brand.

The new guy is “younger, more athletic, thoroughly modern — and he actually speaks Spanish,” USA Today notes.

“In a teaser trailer debuting Wednesday, Dos Equis gives customers a first glimpse at the second act, replacing its older, gray-bearded icon with more of a rugged, James Bond-esque character,” USA Today adds. “And like 007, KFC’s Kentucky colonel, Batman and other character-based franchises, Dos Equis is hoping viewers won’t be jolted by the change to a new actor.”

The new character positions Dos Equis to go after younger consumers and to make a stronger appeal to the Hispanic market.

Andrew Katz, vice president of marketing for Dos Equis, is quoted in the report saying: “We’re trying to reach a new audience. The reality of the drinker base is it’s much more multicultural than ever. And Spanish-dominant consumers are increasingly important.”

Here’s the short clip released today …


  1. Screw these guys. Just making your spokes-character younger isn’t a guarantee of younger consumers drinking your beer. They just killed an incredibly successful ad campaign with one that looks like an imitation BECAUSE IT IS.

  2. Oh, and this guy looks just as old as the previous one to your coveted “younger” beer drinking audience.

  3. Wrong. The replacement does not look younger or sexier and most likely wont appeal to younger people. The other “older” man was sexy, distinguished and funny. The older man was attractive, buutt the new guy…not so much. He looks like Bluto.

  4. the new guy is uglier than a mans ass

  5. New “most interesting man” looks like a flaming homo!

  6. I agree with Neal. This guy looks like an enormous sack of human shit who swallows male loads.

  7. The new guy sucks!!!!!

  8. Bad call on marketing. I bought a case of coors light the other day vs dos Equis Cas I Thot of the new guy vs the old guy. If I’m doing it I’m sure others are too.. Famous old saying. If it’s not broke don’t fix it!! This is a prime example!! Your marketing and advertising CMO or SVP should be fired!!

  9. Dos Equis obviously aggressively going for the gay demographic with this guy as their spokeshomo.

  10. How many dudes has this guy blown?!

  11. Over/Under is 125.

  12. This guy is super unattractive and his nose is enormous. Way worse than the first older man. Try again. Go for a handsome guy next time.

  13. Just saw the newest commercial. This guy really does look flaming! I’ll definitely take the over!

  14. New guy is ugly as a mud duck!

  15. This guy BLOWS!! Literally!

  16. Obviously a woman did not choose this weird guy. Such a disappointment….

  17. Why mess with what was working???? ALL us girls loved the previous guy, who wasnt old… he was sophisticated and mysterious in a fun girl vacation kind of way. You guys blew it!!!

  18. ^^^ Lmfao ha ha ha all these ppl already said it all cuz I feel the same!!

  19. This new guy is horrible, he looks like a mixture of Neanderthal , ugly Viking large nose troll.

  20. This guy is a bugger. The is the most uglies man. He looks like a hairy gorilla.

  21. I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. He’s hard to look at. Really hard. I actually mute it and turn away when those ads come on. He looks seriously undernourished, and I have no idea in what parallel dimension “younger, more athletic, thoroughly modern…” even approaches anything even remotely resembling accurate.

    Very, very bad marketing move.

  22. Speaking of “real hard”, this guy gets real hard whenever another guy enters the room.

  23. He has to be a bottom.

  24. Jesus H Christ, could this guy look any gayer?!

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