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Fox News’ Juan Williams Says to Brace Yourself for an ‘October Surprise’ in the Presidential Election — What He Thinks It Is May Surprise You

Sep 13, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel political analyst Juan Williams says an “October surprise” appears to be coming in the presidential election.

On TheHill.com, Williams writes: “Is there an ‘October Surprise’ with the power to push one candidate to victory? Yes — in the shape of President Obama.”

“In this race, the incumbent president holds a winning hand,” Williams writes. “He is the key to unlocking support from the nearly 20 percent of voters who are undecided — the independents, conservative Democrats and college-educated Republicans who will be pivotal to the outcome of the election.”

Williams notes that Obama has a 50.8% job approval rating, in contrast to 22% for George W. Bush when he left office. Williams cites positive economic indicators and a negative reaction among leading businessmen and policy experts to the Donald Trump economic plan as factors that open the door for Obama to help move voters to Hillary Clinton.

“Put it all together and it becomes clear Obama can help Clinton capitalize on economic issues and stir Democrats to turn out,” Williams writes, citing a New York Times report that says: “Most of [Obama’s] appearances will be timed to coincide with voter registration deadlines and the start of early voting.”

The story also quotes The Times reporting: “Neither the Clinton campaign nor the White House has announced any more appearances, in part because they want to be able to send Mr. Obama where they think they need him most. But his visits are likely to be concentrated in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada and Iowa, campaign officials said.”


  1. Me Williams has never even had a realistic, balanced, non partisan thought! He and his ultra left media cohorts have spoon fed the public nonsense about the economy, employment, foreign affairs and every facet of Obama’s failed administration. There has been no honesty about Obamacare and the huge increase in costs and that no additional people have insurance. Different people do, but the total is unchanged. One failure after another. Now that same arm of the Democrat party we know as the media is doing everything to get the obviously very ill Hillary Clinton elected. Her mind, by her own admission is not capable to remember important things like receiving intelligence briefings, conversations about her emails, or other equally important things. Hundreds of times she answers that she can’t remember. But the media props her up at every turn and only lets the public know what supports their agenda. Journalistic integrity is dead!

  2. This is a news story? Obama doing more stumping is an October Surprise?

  3. Look out for the real surprise… the pressure will become too much with the email scandal and the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scheme becoming even more clear via a Wiki-leak drop. Behind the scenes Hillary will make a deal to pull herself out of the presidential race for ‘health issues’ only if Obama pardons her completely on his last day in office. This deal will be struck so that Biden will take her place in running for POTUS. Biden has a much better shot at defeating Trump than any other Dem alternative. This will be the Democrat’s ‘Hail Mary’. Just watch.

  4. The real October surprise is indeed Obama. Look for Barack to overstay his welcome by delaying elections due to either 1) Hillary’s dire health, and/or 2) pending indictments.

  5. How come we don’t have all detail inf.iran deal second about clinton global garbage fund details if it not bribary what else everything legal ? Black guy rob seven eleveen goes to jail 5 10 years in ny washington no one goes jail why .third why in USA. Every election presdent candeat need To win election if happen other part the world everyone will say somting fishy they need mirrior USA

  6. Juan Williams is a certified liberal moron. The October Surprise should be that FOX News dumps this biased fool!

  7. September 20, 2007 – The US Senate was asked to vote their support for our young brave all volunteer military in response to the vicious attacks by George Soros (Self proclaimed WWII Nazi sympathizer?) and move on dot org.
    Twenty Five (25) Democratic Senators voted Nay (No) including Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton(DNY) On addition 3 showed political cowards who passed .. including Sens. Obama and Biden

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