How the New TV Shows Got Their Titles

Sep 19, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Some of the top TV showrunners of the fall season reveal how they came up with the titles for their new series in a new survey by The Hollywood Reporter.

Josh Berman says of his new ABC series “Notorious”:  “It came to me when creating the show. The intersection of law and media is notorious, and ‘Notorious’ was perfectly suited. It’s one of those times where if a one-word title can summarize it all, you grab it.”

David Guggenheim calls the naming of the ABC show “Designated Survivor” a “no-brainer,” noting that Kiefer Sutherland’s character “is the designated survivor so I had to go with it.”

Similarly, Mark Goffman of the CBS show “Bull” notes that his lead character’s last name is Bull. He adds: “Pretty much every connotation of the word fits the show’s description.”

Mike Schur of NBC’s “The Good Place” noted: “I find titles to be the hardest part of creating a show, so I was relieved when the concept itself easily translated into a good, pithy name.”

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