Huge Turnout for Monday’s Debate — Here Are the Early Numbers by Network

Sep 27, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Last night’s presidential debate is on track for huge viewership numbers, with the most-watched network based on early numbers being NBC.

Preliminary Nielsen data for the broadcast networks shows NBC with an average of 15.6 million total viewers from 9-11 p.m., followed by ABC with 11.6 million, CBS with 10.2 million, and Fox with 5 million. The four broadcast networks combined tallied 42.4 million.

Updated figures are due later today.


  1. 42 is not 100. So much for Trump wanting Super Bowl size ratings – which is not the true measure of success in a Presidential campaign. Many probably got tired of Trumps facial expressions, interruptions and falsehoods and turned it off.

  2. It is ironic that everyone points to Trumps falsehoods, but ignore Hillary’s outright lies to the FBI and Congress as well as the destruction and hiding of evidence (which is legally obstruction of justice). Do they think that hers’ will be an open White House and administration when she is in the job? The press will at least pressure Trump all of the time and we will know what is going on. It is embarrassing that the country would elect someone with those exploits at the same time she has been running for the highest office. Also, this “champion” of women’s rights will bring someone into the White House who has admitted having sex with an intern on his staff, and ten lied to the American people about it. The feminists would destroy any CEO in the country who was caught in that situation. How can they support Hillary with that history? It is absolutely amazing that the feminists can go out in public talking with a straight face about sexual harassment in the workplace while working to put the Clinton’s back in the White House.

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