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Kelly Ripa Gets a Promotion, Teases ‘Big Announcement’

Sep 6, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Kelly Ripa told fans today that she will be making a big announcement on her daytime show “Live with Kelly” on Wednesday, the New York Daily News reports.

Meanwhile, E! News reported today that Ripa recently became an executive producer on the show.

Speculation is that Ripa’s big announcement will be the naming of a permanent co-host to replace Michael Strahan, who began his new full-time job on ABC’s “Good Morning America” today. Strahan made a bumpy exit from “Live” about four months ago.

“Since Strahan’s exit, Ripa has teamed up with a slew of guests on ‘Live’ — including Andy Cohen and Fred Savage — but has not hinted at who the frontrunner to fill the former New York Giants star’s size 14 shoes could be,” the Daily News reports.

Reporting on today’s season premiere for “Live,” E! News reports that it has confirmed Ripa is now an executive producer alongside Michael Gelman. The report adds: “The show’s studio also received a little bit of an update, with new velvet chair covers and other aesthetic changes. ‘Wow, they spared no expense!’ Ripa joked.”

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  1. Oh gawd. I’m done with her and the show!! Michael was the only reason I watched!!
    She’s a diva and a big baby!!

  2. Then quit watching the show or reading about it!

  3. She is being rewarded for atrochious behavior
    .the Disney image took a big hit
    They talk the talk but don,t walk the walk. She is a spoiled uneducated brat.

  4. Years ago johnny carson quit speaking for life to joan rivers because she got a tv show without telling him. No one turned against him. Let a woman stand up for herself and she is a bitch. How would you feel if you found out behind your back people were making decisions that affected you career.

  5. Kelly is a bitch. She runs things at home and at the office. People suck up to her. I’m glad Michael is gone from that bitch and wish him great success on gma

  6. Watched the show on Tuesday, so boring! Normally, the host chat is so entertaining, funny – not today!

    First Kelly starts talking about her son, going away to college, then her co host chimes in, talking about his daughter going away to college. Very boring – not funny, not entertaining…

  7. She is a control freak, even at home, wish ABC would let her go, replace the show with another person or people? !

  8. She is a in mature brat, I stopped watching ,can’t stand her. Station needs to move her out and move on. TV is really desperate to keep her on staff.

  9. Micheal Strahan used her and the show to move up and I think he made a really foolish move in leaving the show.

  10. Agree, spoiled, no talent diva. I quit watching the show long ago .

  11. I like Kelly and Liked Michael Strahan. When he started doing special appearances on GMA way back I thougjt it would be only a matter of time before he left LIVE! As he was doing both shows at the same time I’m sure the LIVE! producer’s must have asked him for assurances that he wasn’t looking to leave, and were blindsided when he did. They should have known better. GMA vs LIVE!…he made the best career move.

  12. I only watch to see who the co- host is going to be and the quest will be. I’m glad Michael left because he never spoke that much over her. She is too controlling

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