NBC Is Sued Over Series That’s About to Premiere

Sep 28, 2016  •  Post A Comment

NBC has been hit with a lawsuit over a series that it is ready to roll out next week. The AP reports that the producers of the Spanish-language series “El Ministerio del Tiempo” (“The Ministry of Time”) filed a copyright infringement lawsuit over the series “Timeless.”

The suit was filed by ONZA Partners against NBCUniversal and Sony Pictures Entertainment. The action claims “Timeless” is an unauthorized version of the Spanish show.

“ONZA contends it was in negotiations with Sony to produce a U.S. version of its series, which features a three-person team who hop through time trying to stop criminals from changing key historical events,” the story reports. “‘Timeless’ also features a three-person team, with an emphasis on stopping a criminal intent on altering American history. The show, which the network has been heavily promoting, is set to premiere on Monday.”

The suit reportedly seeks unspecified monetary damages, but does not seek an injunction to keep the NBC program from airing.


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  1. These concepts are nothing new to American (let alone the world) TV… let alone the entire SF genre that the entertainment industry unashamedly “borrows” from due to their creative bankruptcy.

    Remember Time Cop… and even that wasn’t all that original?

    The concept of time travel in sci-fi stories (about a century ago) immediately brought forth the notion of changing history… which almost as immediately brought forth the notion of an authoritarian group whose purpose was to prevent changes to history.

    But… quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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