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Stephen Colbert Regrets His Handling of Donald Trump

Sep 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert reveals in a new interview that among his regrets in his first year on the job on “The Late Show,” he feels he was too nice to Donald Trump back in September 2015.

The Trump appearance was a high-profile moment for Colbert early in his tenure on the show. But The New York Times notes that while Colbert’s NBC rival Jimmy Fallon has been widely criticized for kid-gloves handling of Trump and other guests, Colbert hasn’t exactly distinguished himself by unleashing his razor-sharp political instincts when the moment has presented itself.

Commenting on his Trump interview, Colbert told The Times: “I tried being gracious and pointed at the same time, and got almost nothing out of him. It was actually boring, because he wouldn’t even look me in the eye. Being nice to a guy who isn’t nice to other people, it doesn’t serve you that much.”

Here’s a clip of Trump’s appearance on Colbert’s CBS show in September 2015 …


  1. Do you know what made Carson great? He handled every interview with kid gloves and knew what clowns like Colbert may discover if they ever grow up. Which is that nobody gives a rat’s ass what a late night comic thinks about politics. Colbert is a supercilious stuffed shirt who thinks he’s somehow smarter than the people who actually vote. On his best day he couldn’t wear Carson’s jockstrap.

    • Who’s Carson? Carson Daly?

    • Oh look, another butthurt Trump groupie. Cry more, loser.

  2. Carson Oxford Dickey. Ox for short.

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