The Big Thing That Was Missing From Apple’s iPhone 7 Reveal This Week

Sep 9, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The headphone jack wasn’t the biggest thing missing from the new iPhone 7 that Apple unveiled this week. While the removal of the jack got a lot of attention, veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg writes on Recode that an even bigger omission was a new design.

“The iPhone 7 and its larger sibling, the iPhone 7 Plus, look nearly identical, and are exactly the same sizes, as their predecessors from last year and the year before,” Mossberg writes. “This is highly unusual, especially for a company that prides itself on being the world’s technology design leader.”

Mossberg adds: “In its two-year release cycle, this should have been the year for an all-new-looking iPhone. But we didn’t get it. Instead, Apple is hoping you’ll buy a premium phone featuring the very nice, but aging, iPhone design it introduced in 2014. The next big design change isn’t set until 2017.”

Mossberg notes that the new phone does include a number of welcome internal improvements.

“The new iPhones offer much better cameras, significantly longer promised battery life, certified water resistance, a million new software features, doubled storage (at last!) and lots more,” he writes. “And all at the same, albeit premium, prices.”

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  1. I don’t really understand why changing the size of the phone is so important to Mr. Mossberg with all the wonderful new features the 7 now has. Especially the camera and audio features.

    IF it isn’t broken, why fix it?

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