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Traditional TV Remains Dominant Form of Video Consumption

Sep 28, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Traditional television viewing remains the dominant mode of video consumption, far ahead of viewing on PCs, gaming consoles, DVD or Blu-ray and smartphones.

That’s the conclusion reported by MediaPost from new research by the Video Advertising Bureau using Nielsen data. Looking at video use by consumers 18 and older during the first quarter of this year, the research determined that the average consumer spent 35 hours, 26 minutes weekly with traditional TV — defined as live and DVR.

“Watching video on PCs was next — but far behind — at 1 hour and 49 minutes,” MediaPost reports. “Viewing via gaming consoles was at 1:38; multimedia devices, 1:33; DVD/Blu-ray, 58 minutes; and smartphones, 23 minutes.”

TV also dominated among younger viewers. In users 18-24, traditional TV came in at 16 hours, 18 minutes per week, well ahead of gaming consoles (4:17), video on PCs (2:01), multimedia devices (1:55), smartphones (54 minutes) and DVD/Blu-ray (48 minutes).

Overall video consumption was up 2% among consumers 18 and older over the first quarter a year earlier.

The full VAB report can be found here.



  1. While the weekly average Traditional TV viewing among 18-24 year old is 16 hours/18 minutes, this article fails to mention is that only five years ago 18-24 year old adults spent a weekly average of 26 hours + 47 minutes viewing Traditional TV; a whopping average weekly decrease of 10 hours/29 minutes.

    Furthermore, between Q1/2011 – Q1/2016, weekly average Traditional TV viewing in other key demographic groups has decreased…

    TEENS: Down from 24 hours/21 minutes to 15 hours/29 minutes (-36.0%)
    AD 18-34: Down from 30 hours/34 minutes to 23 hours/52 minutes (-22.0%)
    AD 35-49: Down from 36 hours/23 minutes to 32 hours/7 minutes (-12.0%)

    Among Adults 50-64 weekly average Traditional TV viewing remained flat during the same period; down only 46 minutes (-1.8%) from 44 hours/54 minutes to 44 hours/6 minutes.

    Adults 65+ is the only demographic group to increase its average Traditional TV viewing…from 49 hours/17 minutes to 51 hours/32 minutes (+4.6%).

    Traditional TV will always be a part of the viewing landscape. But, the handwriting is on the wall.

    Check out this link from which the aforementioned information was sourced. http://www.marketingcharts.com/television/are-young-people-watching-less-tv-24817/

  2. Subtract live sports and get the rap numbers.

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