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TV Veteran to Replace Charles Osgood on CBS’s ‘Sunday Morning’

Sep 26, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A well-known TV personality has been chosen to replace Charles Osgood as anchor of the CBS program “Sunday Morning.” The New York Times reports that Jane Pauley will take over the job starting Oct. 9.

Pauley will become only the third anchor on the show, which launched in 1979.

“For Ms. Pauley, 65, a return to the anchor role for a morning television show represents an unexpected late-career comeback,” The Times reports. “And by selecting her instead of a younger up-and-comer, CBS is clearly trying to ease the transition from Mr. Osgood, 83, whose folksy delivery has been a mainstay on the show for more than two decades.”

Pauley was a fixture on NBC’s “Today” show in the late ’70s and ’80s after she replaced Barbara Walters as anchor when Pauley was just 25. She went on to host “Dateline” for more than 10 years.



  1. I think Jane Pauley is an excellent choice.

  2. Charles Osgood will be greatly missed. If there had to be a replacement, Jane Pauley is an excellent choice. Osgood fans will appreciate the fact that CBS has not tried to force another “stepford” newsie into one’s living room. Happy Trails to Charles and Best Wishes to Jane.

  3. I find it curious, that Jane Pauley is referred to, as a “TV veteran”. If a male journalist were to have been chosen, of the same age, to replace Charles Osgood, would he be described, the same way? They would probably use the word — “experienced”. As in the Presidential campaign, women find a difficult path, to advance, in a field, in which they have “paid their dues”.

  4. Any of the correspondents would have done great. Personally, I was impressed with Mo Rocca when he filled in. However, Ms. Pauley is a pro. She’ll be a great replacement.

  5. Clearly CBS is not trying to expand its audience to those under 40-years-old.

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