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Who Was in Line for the ‘Live with Kelly’ Co-Host’s Job Before Michael Strahan — and Why He Won’t Be Taking It This Time, Either

Sep 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A new report reveals that before the job of co-host on “Live with Kelly” was offered to Michael Strahan, the show was close to offering the position to Neil Patrick Harris.

Harris was in the conversation back in 2011 when the show needed a replacement for Regis Philbin. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the subject came up again this week when Harris, who continues to guest host on “Live” on occasion, was appearing at the 92nd Street Y as part of celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s “Food Talk” show.

Initially, Harris was asked whether he’s interested in the current opening.

“That’s when Harris’ husband, David Burtka, chimed in, ‘They offered it to you!,'” The Post reports. “Harris shot back, ‘That’s so absolutely not true,’ before admitting, ‘Well, before the [Strahan] chapter . . . it happened, we talked about the possibility . . . They wanted to gauge my interest.’”

As far as whether he’d be interested this time around, he’s not. The report quotes him saying that guest hosting on the show is “superfun,” but he adds: “I have no interest at all in doing it all year long. It’s a hard show.”

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  1. Thank GAWD. He’d be horrible.

  2. I like Neil Patrick Harris for the show but my favorite is Anderson Cooper…

  3. Kelly Is one bitch to work for. She thinks she is the queen bee on all aspects of the show and you can bet, she loves the title just as it is. Always checking Michaels notes, interrupting him at times and every now and then, she would make her answers to some questions demeaning to Michael. I do not watch the show anymore since Michael left. Hope she is happy now and OBTW, the show is useless with just a lot of excess “jib-jab.” and needs to be cancelled. Bye

    • No irony in this comment at all…

  4. I too don’t watch after
    Michsel left

  5. I no longer watch since Michael left. Neither do my parents. They say that Kelly is the biggest narcissist. It’s stale. Needs to go.

  6. To to can this show and go with GMA Part II.

  7. BluEldo@aol.com
    Co-hosts, guests, audiences … All superfluous.
    Kelly IS the show, and the only reason to watch it.

  8. I quit watching since Kathie Lee left. Yes, that long ago! Kelly tries to come off so “I’m every woman, I’m every mom out there, I’m just like you.” Nothing could be farther than the truth. She micromanages everything from her family (yes, including Mark) to her work associates, down to the conversations with her co-hosts on the show. I agree she is narcissistic, but then a lot of people are on television. The difference is she can’t hide it. It’s annoying, and as she gets older, even irksome. Whoever sits next to that, better be type A-B personality. A combo. Another type A personality will only make sitting next to her pure hell. She used to be a cute overachiever type. Now, she just comes off…….. Bad.

  9. who cares who becomes the company host? there are bigger issues these.days.
    with so many important issues to tackle, a couple host for the TV show is really petty.

  10. I’d be happy with Jerry O’donnnel or Fred Savage.

    • I agree they are my top picks also. And Kelly does a fantastic job I love watching the show.

  11. How about replacing Kelly. She has grown stale. The show needs a younger woman then Kelly.

  12. The show will never be the same .the Dow is failing becaue of its producer
    Named GELLMAN who back stabbed Regis .He has no background in producing or any talent pertaining to new performers of todays generation.He should be grateful to Regis who tried to help him .instead he back stabbed him with Kelly they thought they could do better without him. GELLMAN AND KELLY ARE THE REASON WHY THE SHOW IS A FAILURE BOTH HAVE NO TALENT tocarry the show. They have to overhaul the background producers and Kelly need a young beautiful talented well spoken serious personal glamorus intellegent girl!!!!!

  13. Let’s all NOT watch the show and MAYBE Kelly will go away with her PERFECT life , her PERFECT family, her PERFECT self!
    It’s all so nauseating! YUCK!

  14. I also don’t watch since Michael left. He made my morning. They keep talking about the same people to replace him. Obviously her “so called” close friends don’t even want to work with her. She’s so full of herself…

  15. Jerry o’connell is the best to co-host. He is really funny! Goes well with Kelli

  16. Give it to Donald Trump. He loves the TV cameras and his children could be there rooting him on.

  17. I like Kelly Ripa and I’m glad Michael is gone. I stopped watching GMA when he become a co-host. He’s stff and isn’t very good without Kelly

  18. Put Yak Yodel in there. At least he and Kenny Keswick would be good for a laugh

  19. First of all ABC (DISNEY) knew they made a mistake. When they hired another jackass sports person. Strahan is nothing but a mumbling stuttering fool. ABC gave him a bull shit story about a promotion, hahaha. When you go from the top rated morning show with YOUR NAME in the title to a group show. You got screwed. They know you sound like Elmer Fudd. Kudos for ABC for unloading dead wood. Send all these sports fools back to the Bristol Clown College (ESPN). Keep Robin, Lara, Abby and Ginger then get rid of George Stepstool , Jesse Palmer and Elmer Strahan. Kelly will make anyone you select work. You can’t let NBC TODAY win.

  20. I like Fred Savage, he’s himself. Kelly’s best with him. I agree they need a new Gellman, what a sorry pus, cheap he won’t turn the heat on. I’d find a new job or turn the heat on so its comfortable to have guests. No no JERRY O’donnell he’s to put on. Yuck

  21. Wow look at all the haters…do you not realize to be on tv you have to be a narcissist! It’s a requirement for all the co-host! No one is perfect if you don’t like dont watch but for heaven asked cant we be kind and I bet all the haters have NEVER met Kelly and don’t know her!!! Wow the judgement!!!

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