Why Former Super Agent Michael Ovitz Is Apologizing

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Michael Ovitz, the former chairman of CAA and former president of The Walt Disney Co., offered a number of apologies Thursday night to his former partner Ron Meyer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The two men were reunited at the Directors Guild of America in L.A., where they talked about building the Creative Artists Agency together and the conflicts that drove them apart.

“Ovitz, 69, who has not had a major involvement in the entertainment business since he was forced out as president of The Walt Disney Co. in 1997, less than two years after exiting CAA, extended multiple olive branches to Meyer, 72, now vice chairman of NBCUniversal,” THR reports. “Once best friends, the two men have barely spoken in years.”

The report quotes Ovitz saying: “When I started building those kinds of [other business] relationships, I didn’t realize I was sacrificing relationships that were actually more important to me, because I was completely engrossed in what I was doing. I wish I [had a close adviser to caution me], but I didn’t.”

Ovitz later added: “We were on such a roll, in every aspect of the business, that I was oblivious and insensitive to a lot of the people issues. And the reason was, there weren’t enough hours in the day. I was flying [around the world for] 600 hours a year to do these deals. The economics were huge for us. It helped us. And I was basically myopic in my drive.”

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  1. just a testament to the motto that most agents have which is: “Hey, my conscience is clear, I’ve never used it!”

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