With Wednesday’s Season Premiere of ‘American Horror Story,’ the New Season’s Theme Is Revealed to Be an Enduring U.S. Historical Mystery

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SPOILER ALERT: In case you haven’t yet watched the season premiere of “American Horror Story,” this report may reveal things you don’t want to know yet.

Deadline.com reports that the theme of season 6 is “My Roanoke Nightmare.”

“’Roanoke’ refers to Roanoke Island in North Carolina, site of the famous ‘Lost Colony’ of 117 English settlers who disappeared sometime between 1585 and 1587, leaving behind only the message ‘Croatoan’ (the name of a nearby Native American tribe with whom the colonists had established relations) carved into a tree,” the Deadline story reports. “The disappearance happened during the chaotic Anglo-Spanish war (during which the 1588 attack by the Spanish Armada occurred), preventing regular contact with overseas settlements.”

Deadline notes that the fate of the colony has never been conclusively determined, with leading theories including that the colonists either integrated with or were conquered by their neighbors.

“In any event, the Lost Colony remains one of early America’s most enduring mysteries,” Deadline adds. Click on the link to Deadline near the top of this story for more about the premiere and season 6.

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