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12 Celebrities Who May Leave the Country If Donald Trump Wins the Election

Oct 31, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The latest celebrity to threaten to leave the country if Donald Trump becomes president is four-time Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy winner Bryan Cranston.

The star of “Breaking Bad” was asked on the Bestseller Experiment podcast whether he would take an extended vacation if Trump won the election, and responded: “Absolutely. I would definitely move. It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t.”

Cranston added: “It wouldn’t be a vacation. I’d be an expatriate.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Cranston joins a list of celebrities who have suggested they’ll leave the country if Trump is elected — a list that also includes Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler and Barbra Streisand.

Us Weekly came up with a list of 10 celebrities — not counting Cranston — who have made similar comments.

Miley Cyrus is quoted saying on Instagram in March of this year: “Honestly f–k this s–t I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!”

Others who have at least joked about it include Whoopi Goldberg, George Lopez, Cher, Keegan-Michael Key, Raven-Symone, Samuel L. Jackson and Sienna Miller.


  1. Don’t let the door hits you in the as-

  2. I think it’s wonderful that the good ol’ USA has allowed these “entertainers” to earn enough money to desert the country which they “think” needs their help. Maybe we can struggle through without them.

  3. Such respect for the electoral process.. Guess I wonder why anyone thinks these people’s opinions matter anyway. They aren’t any brighter or more informed than any of the rest of us. Maybe less so living the make believe wold that they do.

  4. I guarantee you that none of these precious celebs have ever listened to a Trump speech in its entirety. instead they listened to select, out of context clips/edits on CNN and then form an opinion based on what the pundits on the ‘Clinton News Network’ tell them. Seriously, celebs, just sing your stupid songs and learn your dumb lines and STFU about politics of which you know NOTHING about. Oh, and please leave the country anyway – no matter how the election goes.

  5. Who on Earth cares what these celebrities say or think? I”m embarrassed for these folks and their inflated opinion of themselves. Of course they’re with Clinton – the privileged stick together!

  6. I really don’t see shedding a tear for anyone on this list. I suggest locking the door if they leave, so their sorry butts will not ever return. Obviously, these jerks don’t really care about the democratic process. Gees, does this mean that sleazy Miley Cyrus will be twerking in Canada? How will we ever survive???

  7. If these celebs were endorsing Trump you all would fall all over yourselves praising them and wondering why more celebrities weren’t more involved with the political system. And I have heard many speeches by Trump in their entirety, and this guy is playing the oldest political trick in the book…saying what he knows a certain section of voters want to hear. However, I doubt that he believes in any of this stuff. If he does get elected, a huge number of his supporters will be sorely disappointed when he doesn’t even come close to delivering on his half-baked promises. That also goes to Clinton supporters as well. Don’t depend on politicians to make the changes in this country that you want. You have to go out and do it yourself.

    • You missed your own point Tim – Trump is not a politician! His two other strongest characteristics are he is not a lawyer and he is not a Clinton!

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