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Fans Walk Out and Boo Amy Schumer Over Her Donald Trump Material

Oct 17, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Comedian Amy Schumer rubbed some of the people in her audience the wrong way with her material on Donald Trump. The Tampa Bay Times reports that about 200 people walked out of Schumer’s performance in Tampa after Schumer began lashing out at Trump.

“Loud booing from a vocal, but small minority of the arena crowd started about halfway through the show, when Schumer’s raunchy humor veered into more topical matters … including gun control and the presidential election,” the paper reports. “She has been a vocal advocate for stricter gun laws since a man opened fire during a showing of her movie ‘Trainwreck’ last year, killing two young women, Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson, in Louisiana, and was an early Hillary Clinton supporter.”

Schumer invited a Trump supporter to come on stage to explain how people can support the candidate, whom Schumer described as an “orange, sexual assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.”

The report adds: ‘When some audience members booed, the actor/comedian invited them to leave and also asked security to remove anyone booing.”


  1. NO “First Amendment” rights for people who don’t agree with you! What a perfect Democrat.

  2. These people were surprised?? This has been Schumer’s act since the primaries began. They cannot have been so naïve to think that she would change it suddenly in Tampa.

  3. Apparently, this constitutes ” comedy” when you are a fat, dumb blonde flunky

    • Spoken like a true Trump supporter

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