Billy Bush Lawyers Up, and His New Lawyer Is Already Defending His Client in Colorful Terms

Oct 14, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Suspended “Today” host Billy Bush has a new Hollywood power lawyer, who has plenty to say about his client’s behavior on that behind-the-scenes “Access Hollywood” tape — and about his impending departure from NBC.

As The Hollywood Reporter put it, “Billy Bush’s exit from NBC News isn’t going to be as amicable as many thought it would be.”

Marshall Grossman, whom THR describes as “one of Los Angeles’ fiercest and most well-respected attorneys,” is the new member of the Bush legal team. Grossman, a partner at Orrick, appeared to put the onus for the tape on Donald Trump, downplaying Bush’s role.

Grossman told the publication: “If Billy had been passive or responded ‘Shut the f— up’ to Trump, Billy would have been out of a job the next day.”

THR adds: “Bush, Grossman says, was an NBCUniversal employee interviewing an NBC star in ‘The Apprentice’s’ Trump, so he wasn’t exactly in a position to challenge his interview subject.”

Grossman also suggested Bush is prepared to litigate against NBC if the exit negotiations don’t go well, THR reports.

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  1. Oh just go away already. Bush had no business being at Today anyway. He was lame. Sheesh.

  2. The two guys were buds! Bush had done a half dozen or so pagent gigs for Trump. It wasn’t them meeting for the first time. In spite of all the trumped up (pun intended) outrage the media is trying to use to obscure the damaging e-mail dumps – nobody really cares! The people that didn’t intend to vote for Trump still won’t. The people that were going to will. The few establishment politicians that were looking for a reason to turn and run found it. But all the people that will not say and will never admit they vote TRUMP may just be the thing Hillary fears the most. The vote will be for the “NOT HILLARY” which only leaves us with Trump!

  3. Fired for being passive? Just shut up

  4. NBC released the tape because it solved two issues for them – it stirred up the Trump sex scandal just as the WikiLeaks info came out and it also gave them a public reason to get Bush off of Today, where they are looking for someone that will appeal to women and increase their viewership.

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