CNN Hires Investigative Team From BuzzFeed That’s Been Debunking Trump

Oct 3, 2016  •  Post A Comment

CNN has “snagged BuzzFeed’s crack K-File team that’s made headlines debunking various Trump campaign claims,” reports our good friend Lisa De Moraes at Deadline.com.

The story reports: “Andrew Kaczynski and his news-gathering gang gave notice at BuzzFeed today and start tomorrow at CNN to break news there in the final month of the election cycle. Kaczynski, BuzzFeed deputy politics editor Kyle Blaine and BuzzFeed reporters Nate McDermott and Christopher Massie jumped in unison to the cable news network.

“Kaczynski’s team found that now oft-played audio of Trump giving begrudging support for the invasion of Iraq, contradicting the candidate’s continuing claim he opposed the war.”

To read more details about this item, please click here, which will take you to De Moraes’ story.



  1. Because CNN needs to keep moving farther left.

  2. So… after the election and Hillary is President, what will these people be doing? Looking for new jobs?

  3. Every journalist that parked their objectivity and integrity at the door and jumped in as a partizan – not a reporter – will be looking for gainful employ if Mr. Trump is elected. That is what the “all in and double down” is about. I have voted in and observed a full dozen presidential election cycles. Newspapers came up with endorsements but individual “reporters” tried to maintain a neutral posture. Broadcasters, having a legal obligation and public trust to maintain their licenses appear to have decided that being an arm of the Democrat Party is all they really need to do. That may change!

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