Did the Koch Brothers Just Kill the Film and TV Business in Florida?

Oct 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The film and TV industry in Florida is in a state of “free-fall” and the billionaire Koch brothers and their political allies are responsible, according to a new report by Deadline.com. Productions, vendors and workers are fleeing the state, the story reports, after Florida scrapped its tax incentive program earlier this year, the story reports.

The production-friendly tax program was dumped “in the wake of a concerted and well-financed campaign by the billionaire Koch brothers and their conservative allies in the state Legislature to kill the Sunshine State’s incentives,” Deadline reports. “It’s an exodus of epic proportions, but if a movie were ever to be made about it, it would probably have to be shot in Georgia.”

The report quotes Fred Moyse, business manager of southern Florida-based IATSE Local 477, saying: “The industry here is one step away from dead. We’ve lost a third of our members. It’s been devastating to the men and women who work in this industry, and crippling to the small businesses that support it.”

We recommend that readers click on the link to Deadline near the top of this report to read the full article.


  1. Who are these scumbags (the Koch bros) …. I am sitting here in Orlando after shooting a TV special …

  2. It’s about time someone puts a stop to the sex driven, profanity driven, and poor English vocabulary movies that are undermining children and youth of all ages.
    The other day I was looking at 20 Muletrain short movie with the Old Ranger, and what a difference in the story, language,and real American culture and goals. It was just refreshing! Later, that evening I turned on the TV to see channel 538 on Comcast and saw a new western cowboy movie for five minutes for there was so much vulgar profanity that I wasn’t going to see the movie; much less listen to a low down vocabulary. In my opinion, it was pure garbage. And to expose children and youth to that vocabulary is almost criminal. And it is all the fault of the one percenters who tell the President of the United States who to appoint to the Film Board.
    I wouldn’t call the Koch Brothers anything but our heros of real American
    culture and standing up to Satans minions on this earth.
    Read the book of Job in the Bible to get a better perspective of this invisible being who has the power to influence people. Yes, even some of the apostles who walked with the Lord Christ Jesus (Peter).

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