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Even Hollywood Believes Mike Pence Won the Debate — But Maybe Tim Kaine Better Positioned the Democrats to Win the War

Oct 5, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Variety was conducting a very non-scientific poll of readers who came to its site, asking who won the vice presidential debate last night, and as of this writing about 11,000 readers had responded, with Mike Pence leading 65% to 35%.

However, the Chicago Tribune’s Rex Huppke wondered whether Pence may have won the debate but lost the war.

Huppke writes, “Every time Donald Trump was criticized during Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, running mate Mike Pence had the perfect response: Who is this ‘Donald Trump’ of which you speak?

“It was as if Pence had never met the man on the top of the ticket and was unaware that we now have video and audio recording technology that can preserve the things people say.

“Asked by Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine to defend an array of Trump’s statements, Pence simply denied that those statements exist.”

After giving examples of this during the debate, Huppke says, “While clearly winning the debate on style points — Kaine was rudely aggressive and frequently annoying — Pence set his running mate up for a blistering series of political ads that will go like this: ‘Pence: “Donald Trump never said that.”

(Video clip of Donald Trump saying that.)’”

Huppke’s conclusion: “Pence won the battle Tuesday night. Kaine set his campaign up to win the war.”




  1. That’s not what I saw and heard! Mr. Pence clearly pointed out that Mr. Trump is not a lifelong politician with practiced “political speak” every time he opens his mouth. But what you do get from Trump is real, not scripted personal attacks. Hillary has no good record to run on after 35 years of political life. She is better known for her and Bill’s scandals, lies, infidelity, contempt for laws and taking money to grant political access to the US government. Mr. Trump has not been a politician or elected official and has not been responsible for bad decisions that ended up with dead Americans or lied to the mothers of the dead. Hillary has. He did not support policies that put more people into poverty, Hillary has. He did not cause greater racial divide – in spite of the spin the media tries to put on racial issues, Hillary has. All Hillary can do is play semantics and jump on inarticulate words because they have nothing else. Huppke is just another “in the tank for Hillary” supporter pretending to be a journalist.

  2. How can Pence have won the debate when it was shown that 69% of everything he said was a boldfaced lie? When I took debate in school, lying wasn’t even allowed or accepted!

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