Fox and Netflix Sue Each Other, Wage Legal Battle Over ‘Involuntary Servitude’

Oct 20, 2016  •  Post A Comment

After 21st Century Fox sued Netflix, the streaming service countersued, with the legal battle focused on Netflix’s alleged poaching of executives from Fox.

The Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq., reports that Netflix is alleging Fox has created “a form of involuntary servitude” with its employment contracts. Along with the Netflix countersuit filed Wednesday, the streamer advised a judge that it intends to continue recruiting Fox employees, the report notes.

“In response to a 21st Century Fox lawsuit that claims Netflix has brazenly poached two executives under contract, the streaming giant on Wednesday filed a cross-complaint that expands the scope of the dispute to Fox’s employment force at large, alleging that Fox is bullying employees with ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ deals that amount to ‘involuntary servitude,'” THR reports. “Netflix demands a declaration that Fox’s fixed-term employment agreements are unenforceable and wants Fox enjoined from using such agreements.”

The Netflix countersuit follows a lawsuit filed by Fox in September over Netflix’s hiring of programming executive Tara Flynn and marketing executive Marcos Waltenberg. “Seeking an injunction to prevent contractual interference, Fox alleged that Netflix was aware of employment agreements before inducing the two executives to breach their deals,” THR reports.


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  1. Rupert Murdoch’s world of Fox (Newscorp) is full of variations of one sided deals, “Robberbaron Syndrome” that is “a form of involuntary servitude” etc … how else is Rupert going to cover Jerry Hall’s expensive taste in clothes and cars …

    As a former producer working with Fox… I had a hilarious moment with their legal team on a contract for our new TV series that literally demanded “Perpetual RIghts for our programming for the Universe” …
    in gest to make fun protest of their insane demand to have rights to our programming for the literal universe forever … I sent the agreement back stating that everything was cool as long as we had exclusive rights to Neptune” … well … to be honest, their legal team had a zero sense of humor …

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