Fox News Skirmish: Sean Hannity vs. Megyn Kelly

Oct 5, 2016  •  Post A Comment

“A brewing professional rivalry between two of the biggest stars on Fox News turned openly hostile on Wednesday, as Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly traded insults over their vastly divergent approaches to covering the 2016 presidential race,” reports Politico.

The story continues, “The unusually public exchange began when Kelly criticized Trump for refusing to conduct interviews in ‘unsafe spaces,’ opting instead for the friendly confines of Hannity’s show.”

Hannity responded in a tweet, telling Kelly, writes Politico, to “direct her ire at Hillary Clinton instead and adding: ‘Clearly you support her.’”

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Screen Grabs from YouTube:
megynkelly5Megyn Kelly

sean-hannity-screen-grabSean Hannity








  1. Hannity is SUCH a dick.

  2. Hannity will be the next casualty at Fox News.especially if Trump loses.

    • No, I think Fox News will be in a world of trouble if Trump wins. If he loses, they’ll have 4 more years to continue doing what has been their bailiwick, bashing Democrats. If Trump wins, they can’t criticize him because they are greatly responsible for him in the first place. The network’s entire reason d’ etre will be gone.

      • You just totally gave me the best reason to vote for Trump!!!

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