‘Live With Kelly’ Names Winner of Viewer Co-Host Search

Oct 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The “Live with Kelly and You” co-host search contest is over, with the morning show “Live with Kelly” revealing today on the air that the winner of the viewer contest is Richard Curtis.

Curtis, a high school teacher from Perkasie, Pa., joined Kelly Ripa as the co-host of today’s show.

“The big reveal was made this morning when he walked out hand-in-hand with Kelly Ripa to co-host the show,” the program announced in a press release today. “Curtis was a co-hosting natural, from shooting the breeze with Ripa during the opening ‘Host Chat’ segment, to interviewing actors Elijah Wood and Sullivan Stapleton, to ‘meeting’ America’s Biggest Pumpkin.”

The release notes that “Live” received thousands of entries in the search contest, adding that “Curtis’ creative video submission and written pitch, in which he described himself as ‘positively positive’ and a ‘motivational madman,’ stood out. After making it to the top five, he competed on-air all week long for his chance at snagging the coveted co-host spot for the day.”

Meanwhile, the permanent co-hosting position remains open, and the show continues to bring a rotating lineup of guest hosts on board.

102116-kelly-ripa-richard-curtis-live-with-kelly-abcKelly Ripa and Richard Curtis on this morning’s “Live with Kelly”


  1. Stupid!! Cancel the show already!! It sucks ass now that Michael is gone!!

    • So classy.


  3. Better than all of your other guest co-hosts (except perhaps Jerry Oconnell). You should consider giving him a temporary stint and see how he works out. Absent of some new energy, I most likely will stop watching all together.

  4. Dear Kelly sucks;
    You must be a real jealous jackass, mumbling bumbling strahan was push out by Disney. They sold him an idiot bill of goods. Why would anyone with brains leave a show with YOUR NAME IN THE TITLE, and go to a show that is an ensemble whose ratings are falling faster each week NBC is laughing all the way to ratings heaven.

  5. I have always adored Kelly Ripa starting with AMC. She introduced me to Strahan via show. I liked him until I realized he didn’t have enough integrity to give Kelly & Gillman a heads up! I don’t care how BIG you get in life, honor, courage and integrity are essential. Treat people the way you expect to be treated: FIRST grader lesson!

  6. Grab Billy Bush, he will bow to Kelly and most people feel he got fired for doing his job; managing the guest.

  7. Michael was a fantastic Co- Host.
    I wish eveyone stop criticizing him
    For his choices we weren’t their
    To understand what really happened
    behind the scenes.Stop Judging and
    pray that they both can one day come together and set down and iron out what really happen between them.

  8. Snatch up Billy Bush he would give the show a much needed rush of energy that it has been lacking for a long time.

  9. I watch the show with Kelly and Micheal, and when Michael left I felt like the show went down hill. The Co-Host they have are not as funny or gooder as Michael and Kelly was together. I understand him moving on to Goodmorning America and reaching other goals.To me I have not really though Kelly was funny on the show – But remember that is my thoughts. I hope Things work out for everyone.
    God Bless.

  10. May god continue to bless the live with Kelly and truly hope that Micheal left on good terms because if someone or something maliciously happen to make him leave just remember karma is a bi

  11. I said from the get go..Fred Savage..but we the audience are getting bored..we need a co host sooner then later as the morning line up is a bit blah.

  12. I stopped watching the show when Regis left…

  13. Guest host Richard Curtis was as good as any of the star hosts. Give hi me a shot!!!! If not hi, my vote is for Jerry O’Connell.

  14. Regis was the best host but I like. Kelly she ‘s fine. as hell.

  15. Why does the new co-host have to be a “celebrity”. I say give Richard Curtis the job, he was Great!!! He would be a breath of fresh air to the show, someone we could get to know and love. There also seemed to be a good chemistry between him and Kelly. Be brave, do it!!!

  16. Pick someone ….or cancel show. Been watching for years….Kelly get over yourself…you are not Charlie Rose or George stepanolopolis…. the show needs a major tune up….getting boring with all this drama

  17. Agree with Bridget…

  18. Kelly seems to be a control freak.
    She talks over her co hosts & guests
    Not cool
    Let people talk & tell their story,complete a sentence…
    I think she’s hard to watch anymore

  19. Hire someone that does not have too much on their plate. As good as Michael was, Michael had and has three jobs; Anderson Cooper would hot be the best choice as he already has a full time job. The staff on the View has two or three jobs. As tight as jobs are in America; each show biz person should have one job and go out and give 100 percent to what you have.

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