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More Heat on Billy Bush From The Washington Post

Oct 12, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The Washington Post, which published the behind-the-scenes “Access Hollywood” tape last week that has created problems for not just Donald Trump but also “Today” host and former “Access” host Billy Bush, continues to put pressure on Bush.

Amid reports that NBC News is just waiting for the right moment to cut ties with Bush, The Post published a new report today under the headline “How Billy Bush talked about women as host of Donald Trump’s beauty pageants.” The story says Bush, who hosted Trump’s beauty pageants eight times, “joked about wanting to see a naked version of the swimsuit competition and said he kept a ‘very close, protective eye’ on the women competing for crowns.”

The Post notes that those comments were “deemed appropriate for prime-time television.” The report essentially combs the Internet to bring new scrutiny to Bush’s work on the pageants.

The story notes: “By the time Trump and Bush had their now-infamous conversation aboard an ‘Access Hollywood’ bus en route to a taping of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Bush already had hosted Trump’s Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants three times each, which helps explain the boorish bromance apparent on video.”

The report compares Bush’s role as pageant co-host to the male bonding caught on the “Access” tape: “The role of the male host at a Trump-owned beauty pageant was basically to play a Trump-like character — a man orbited by beautiful women, letting the world know what a lucky guy he is. Bush played the part well.”

The Post adds: “What comes through in some of Bush’s remarks as a pageant host is the same kind of drooling-dog persona — cleaned up a bit for network television.”

Here’s a sample …

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