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Praise for Co-Moderator Martha Raddatz During the Second Presidential Debate. Do You Agree?

Oct 10, 2016  •  Post A Comment

One of the takeaways from Sunday’s second presidential debate is that the winner seems to have been a moderator rather than one of the candidates. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that many observers were impressed with the work of ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz.

“With so many wild developments unfolding before Trump and Clinton were even on stage Sunday night, no one knew what America would see when they tuned in to watch the debate. What they did see was a tough moderator making sure the presidential candidates stayed on track and faced tough questions,” the story reports.

The report cites a number of exchanges, including this one:

RADDATZ: “Thank you very much, we’re going to move on.”

TRUMP: “She went over a minute over, and you don’t stop her. When I go one second over it’s like —

*Raddatz interrupts Trump*

RADDATZ: “You had many answers.”

A number of celebrities commented on Raddatz during the debate. Billy Eichner tweeted: “New Hero and Fun Halloween Costume Idea: MARTHA RADDATZ.”

Larry Wilmore also sent out a tweet in praise of Raddatz, writing: “Right now @MarthaRaddatz is my spirit animal. #debate.”

And Trevor Noah tweeted simply: “Is Martha Raddatz winning this debate?”

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut sent a tweet saying: “Martha Raddatz trying to tutor Trump on foreign policy in real time. In the middle of a presidential debate. This is unprecedented.”

Raddatz posed tough questions for both candidates, including this one for Clinton: “Because you have asked for an increase from ten to sixty five thousand Syrian refugees. We know you want tougher vetting. That’s not a perfect system so why take the risk of having those refugees coming into the country?”


  1. The initial questions were good, but there was no follow-up when the canned answers we have all heard were presented again. Someone has to push these candidates when they provide their canned answers.

  2. Well, that’s certainly a very “interesting” take. But unfortunately, Martha was supposed to be a “moderator.” Kind of like a referee who isn’t supposed to be actually “playing” in the game. So it’s interesting to say the least, that Trevor Noah thought “Martha” was “winning the debate.” (was this because Hillary was obviously NOT winning the debate??) Or that a democratic Senator commented that Raddatz is “trying to tutor Trump on foreign policy in real time.” Gosh, I didn’t know that was Martha’s JOB! I thought that was Hillary’s job! But if you want a perfect example of why Trump accurately complained “it’s three against one” that’s all you really need for proof. I work for an ABC affiliate. I was embarrassed and appalled by Raddatz. She never once asked a tough follow up to a Clinton non-answer nor did she ever once badger Clinton like she and Cooper did Trump. Holy Cow, when Trump admits his WORDS were crass, but that Bill & Hillary’s ACTIONS actually damaged and threatened many women it speaks volumes that Martha and Andy Boy had no desire to follow up. This was a Candy Crowley moment several times over.

  3. Way to go Bil!!!! I usually have a lot to say but you got here first. thanks for your astute observations and reporting.

  4. I nearly fell off the chair laughing when she realized Trump had zero understanding of foreign policy and started to school him on it.

  5. Raddatz was terrific as was Cooper. Both did an outstanding job of “moderating” the debate including asking pointed l questions and keeping the candidates in check. This is the first Presidential debate I have viewed where the moderators truly prevailed.

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