Security Guard Stabbed, Intruder Shot in Confrontation at Supermodel’s Malibu Home

Oct 14, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A violent clash Friday morning at the Malibu home of a supermodel ended with two people in the hospital, TMZ.com reports.

“We’re told a security guard at the house confronted an intruder who had just hopped the fence,” TMZ reports on the incident at the home of Miranda Kerr. “The intruder stabbed the guard in the eye, and the guard responded by shooting the intruder multiple times. We know 1 shot struck the intruder’s head.”

Both the intruder and the security guard were airlifted to the hospital, according to the report, and both were expected to survive.

Kerr, 33, a former Australian Victoria’s Secret model and the former wife of actor Orlando Bloom, was reportedly not home at the time of the encounter. Kerr is reportedly engaged to Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel.


  1. Question for TV Week: What is the purpose of using this “tease” style of writing for headlines and articles on this site? The name of the person/company/entity being written about is withheld as long as possible, sometimes until halfway through the article, and then occasionally (as in the case of this one) completely forgotten about. I know it’s a copy and paste job from TMZ, and Miranda Kerr’s last name is mentioned in passing at the end, but this is seriously annoying and just sloppy.

  2. Reporting on stories like this one at this website is disappointing. So news about anyone who has ever been on television is now valid for TV Week news? The line between TV industry news and entertainment news is further being blurred. I come here for INDUSTRY news. I don’t go to TMZ for entertainment news, but apparently it’s coming to me.

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