‘The Simpsons’ Aired Its 600th Episode Last Night — Only One Other Scripted Prime-Time Series in TV History Had More Episodes … Can You Guess What It Was?

Oct 17, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The Fox animated staple “The Simpsons” hit a milestone Sunday night that only one other scripted prime-time show in the history of television has reached.

The Fox comedy aired its 600th episode, joining a club that also includes only “Gunsmoke.” The CBS Western ran for 20 seasons and chalked up 635 episodes.

“The Simpsons” reached the milestone in 28 seasons.

Deadline.com notes that the show that’s closest to “The Simpsons” on the list is “Lassie,” which aired 591 episodes over 19 seasons on CBS and in syndication to hold down the No. 3 spot on the all-time list.



  1. As the networks continue to dig in the past for shows to rebirth, a western might be a good idea. Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Maverick, etc. Combine a western with a CSI style format. It is good of an idea as any of the others that are being thrown out each year.

  2. There’ve already been some but they were more CSI on the Prairie than Gunsmoke. Then you’ve got a couple that are set more in between the Western and modern eras. I’m all for a good western series but I don’t know that procedural is the right way to present it. I’d also rather it not be a reboot. GUNSMOKE was Jim Arness and MAVERICK was James Garner (sorry, Jim Kelly). Create something new, with new characters even if your format is 99% ripped off from one of those classics because then you’re free to go other directions with it and not locked into having to work in the previous series’ mythology.

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