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The ‘Winner’ of Last Night’s Debate Becomes an Internet Meme, Hits the Talk-Show Circuit

Oct 10, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The Internet has spoken, and the winner of the Sunday night presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is … Ken Bone!

The New York Times reports that Bone, an undecided voter who was picked to be in the audience, became an Internet sensation after asking a question during the debate — in large part because of his bright red sweater.

“He offered a contrast to the presidential candidates’ combative tone when he asked a straightforward policy query near the end of the 90-minute live broadcast,” The Times reports.

Bone, 34, is an operator at an Illinois coal plant. His question: “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?”

The Times notes: “Judging by comments on social media, many of those who tuned in found Mr. Bone to be the most diverting thing about the debate. They were delighted with his sweater, and images of him snapping pictures on a disposable camera shortly after the event.”

The memes soon followed.

“Journalists and commentators flooded Twitter with memes, depicting Mr. Bone crossing the Delaware with George Washington, as a rapper or basis for the perfect Halloween costume,” The Times reports. “A YouTube song celebrated him (‘Oh Kenneth Bone, you make us all feel less alone in this bizzarro phantom zone in the darkest of timelines’), while others cautioned that he might wear out his welcome, like an election edition of Chewbacca Mom.”

The Times adds: “In a phone interview Monday morning, Mr. Bone said that he had been leaning toward voting for Donald J. Trump, but that Hillary Clinton ‘really impressed me with her composure and some of her answers last night.’”

ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” meanwhile, announced that Bone will be a guest on the show tonight, declaring him “the breakout star of last night’s second presidential debate.” Other scheduled guests tonight are Don Rickles, John Stamos and Two Door Cinema Club.

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  1. Since most of the uproar was about his sweater, why was there no picture so we could see what it was all about

    • You might be disappointed. It’s just a red sweater. Try to imagine what a red sweater looks like, and you will be close enough.

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