Are You Fed Up With America in the Age of Trump? Swedish Ad Agency Is Offering Jobs Overseas to U.S. Creatives

Nov 10, 2016  •  Post A Comment

An ad agency in Sweden seized the opportunity to try to lure English-speaking creatives from the U.S. who are so disturbed by the presidential election that they would be willing to move overseas.

The agency, Round & Round, put up a website branded “The Great Trump Escape,” which proclaims: “You are looking for a new country — we are looking for new talent!”

The site touts some of Sweden’s assets, while also noting that Sweden is NOT the country that’s known for chocolate and watches. “That’s Switzerland,” the site explains. “We are from Sweden. Here, we are more known for long maternity leaves, 5 weeks holiday and decent healthcare. There are actually lots of great things about working and living in Sweden, many of which have been shaped by people coming in from other places and cultures.”

The site, which went up before the election, also notes: “We heard that more than 1 in 4 Americans would consider leaving the country if Donald Trump is elected president,” and adds: “So we thought, “hey, why not give some of those American advertising people a break?” You are, after all, pretty talented. There’s a lot of great work coming out of America!”

The page includes links where prospects can submit their portfolios.


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