Breitbart Plans a TV Channel Via Streaming or Traditional Cable

Nov 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Breitbart News reportedly has expansion plans that include a new TV channel to be distributed through streaming or traditional cable. Plans to expand the reach of the conservative news site are among the revelations in a piece on Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov by The Hollywood Reporter.

Solov told the publication the company will open bureaus in Germany and France in the next few months while also expanding existing offices in Jerusalem, Texas, London and Washington.

“Breitbart is adding to its staff of 115 worldwide, and insiders say there are talks to expand its ‘Breitbart Daily’ show on Sirius XM into an entire channel on the satellite radio platform,” THR reports. “Plus, Solov says he wants to ‘take the next step into video and television’ with a channel streamed online or via traditional cable.”



  1. Now would be the time to start a news channel, with Bill O’Reilly as a free agent and Roger Ailes available for hire you would gain an instant audience and grow from there.

    • Would be nice to have another source of business news in the US (other than an Internet website).

  2. We can only hope that this happens!

  3. Breitbart needs to be on cable. OAN is back on DIRECTV so now it’s time for Breitbart. Get O’reilly, Hannity, Carlson, Baer and Brit Hume. Throw Roger Ailles back in the mix and add Roger Stone. Then stir in Breitbart and you have a great recipe!

    • I wish for that too! Hoping so sincerely!

  4. It would be awesome. Michael savage among others would be great on it

  5. Tammy bruce,Michael savage, Jackson from blacksphere, Mike Gallagher just a few. Pamela geller. The Breitbart cable show would be great

  6. That would be so great. No liberal commentators ever!

  7. Hope this happens soon. I seldom watch Fox News any longer. Please move quickly.

  8. Brietbart Cable Please

  9. Faster the better, Fox would not continue to be the lone wolf.

  10. please just get it done soon!

  11. This would be wonderful and would really put the wind up the usual state sponsored news/propaganda we get here in the UK. Would be great if it could broadcast as a proper TV channel as well.

  12. The faster Breitbart does this without liberal commentators just muddying up the conversations with there versions of the truth (Lying) the better for people who are trying to find out what’s really happening to their country will be. Fox News slogan is “Fair and Balanced”, which by the way they are going to stop using. How can they claim that when now all you get in every interview is a PROGRESSIVE (Communist without a gun) twisting everything to the point where the poor viewer walks away just as bewildered as he started? It’s time the American people heard nothing but the truth and black folks truly see what it looks like OFF the Democrat plantation!

  13. we do not use cable. streaming…yes. jack

  14. We Would love to see Breitbart on cable television we need MORE conservative television

  15. Im black and i would live to hear the other side. Blacks need to wake up

  16. When it going to be available?

  17. It would be a breath of fresh air.

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