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Media Deal Hits Roadblock in Trump Transition

Nov 17, 2016  •  Post A Comment

With the transition to a Donald Trump presidency under way in Washington, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on Wednesday strongly discouraged the Federal Communications Commission from making major decisions before the Trump administration is in place, The New York Post reports.

The move represents a roadblock for at least one media deal that has been in the works, between Univision’s private equity backers and its Mexican programming partner.

“Univision, expected to go public in the coming months, had asked the FCC for permission for Mexico-based Televisa, from which it buys telenovelas, to increase its stake in the Spanish-language network to 40 percent from 10 percent,” The Post reports. “Current rules restrict foreign ownership of US television networks.”

Univision is said to be concerned about the prospects for approval, with a Trump administration expected to give a tougher review to the deal.

“Univision’s road to FCC approval under a Trump White House is expected to be bumpier for several reasons,” the story reports. “For starters, Univision is backed by Haim Saban, its executive chairman and a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter.”

The Post adds: “Plus, Univision has had a less than positive relationship with the president-elect. For instance, Chief Executive Randy Falco fought with Trump over a variety of issues, including the Miss Universe pageants.”



  1. I thought Trump was all about removing restrictions for “businesses” to prosper.
    I guess anything related to Mexico and the “Mexican judge” issue will be suspect. Also, not to be overlooked, Trump’s ability to never-forget and always seek revenge.

  2. Or – sweet deals where the tracks were greased with donations to Clinton Foundation or speaking fees arranged by third parties might need to be looked at! The Obama FCC has been anything but friendly except to those that deliver the Democrat message. The idea that broadcast licensees are granted as a public trust and rules for impartiality and political access were given a “wink wink, nod nod” may now be scrutinized. From the FCC to Sanctuary Cities to now Sanctuary Campuses – the rule of law has been seriously eroded. Democrat Politicians and most especially the Clintons don’t seem to face the same enforcement the rest of us do. Restoring law, constitutional government and sound economic policies Trump any of the Democrat whining!

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