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Megyn Kelly Is Fighting With The New York Times — Here’s What It’s All About

Nov 11, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is in a beef with The New York Times over the paper’s review of her new book, “Settle for More.”

The clash appears to be focused on two key issues: a possible poisoning incident and a debate question that may or may not have been leaked to Donald Trump. The Times reviewed an advance copy of the book, which is due out Tuesday, and Kelly took issue with the review’s characterization of her accounts of both incidents.

Kelly was on Twitter Thursday night, sending out a tweet that read: “For the record, my book ‘Settle for More’ does not suggest Trump had any debate Qs in advance, nor do I believe that he did.”

She was apparently responding to a section of the Times review that read:

“Then, the day before the first presidential debate, Mr. Trump was in a lather again, Ms. Kelly writes. He called Fox executives, saying he’d heard that her first question ‘was a very pointed question directed at him.’ This disconcerted her, because it was true: It was about his history of using disparaging language about women.”

The Times review also notes: “She doesn’t speculate where the leak came from. (She reports. You decide.)” The review adds that a takeaway from the book is that “Parts of Fox … seemed to be nakedly colluding with the Republican presidential nominee.”

Kelly soon followed up on her tweet with a second one addressing another part of the Times review. In it, she wrote: “Also for the record, I believe the reason I got sick the day of the first debate was I contracted a stomach virus, just as Rand Paul did.”

Here’s the passage in the Times review that invoked her response:

“On the day of the debate, Ms. Kelly writes, she woke up feeling great. Then an overzealous, suspiciously enthusiastic driver picked her up to take her to the convention center. He insisted on getting her coffee, though she’d repeatedly declined his offer. Once it was in her hand, she drank it. And within 15 minutes, she was violently ill, vomiting so uncontrollably that it was unclear if she’d be able to go on and help moderate that evening. It was so bad that she kept a trash pail beneath her desk throughout the debate, just in case.”

The Times review adds: “Ms. Kelly never says outright that someone tried to poison her. (A stomach bug was going around, she notes.) But the episode spooked her enough that she shared it later with Roger Ailes and a lawyer friend of his. Foul play? Again: She reports. You decide.”

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  1. She’s overrated man. Her time is up.

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