Megyn Kelly Reveals Horrifying Details About Harassment, Bill O’Reilly Spins Out of Control, and What the Murdochs Must Do to Fix Fox News

Nov 17, 2016  •  Post A Comment

To read TV Week Open Mic Contributor Chuck Ross’ essay on this important subject, please click here.


  1. If people read your piece, it’s a wonderful hatchet job on O”Reilly and Fox News. I’m proud of you how you take half-truths, outright lies, innuendo, and rumors and make it into a story that sounds plausible by unintelligent readers. The headline, “O’Reilly Spins Out Of Control” is particularly great as there is nothing in your article that even remotely sounded like that. Keep up your fabrications. Nobody checks the facts anymore so any lie is accepted as fact. We’ll get rid of Fox News and get O’Reilly fired.

  2. No doubt what Kelly describes is serious and unacceptable behavior by Roger Ailes. However, Kelly’s silence and acquiescence over the years, especially like she stated, as a lawyer is also unacceptable. People need to step up and confront this behavior at the get go, regardless of the personal work cost. There are always other jobs and ways to move forward.

    As to the notion that Bill O’Reilly spun out of control, that is wishcasting at it’s best. He was defending Fox News today, not when Ailes was there. He was at CBS This Morning to pitch his book not discuss Megyn Kelly’s book and he also felt that it was simply an excuse to take pot shots at FOX. His response was understandable and correct. He wasn’t invited there to discuss Fox News or Megyn Kelly.

    And still many of the left leaning in the media wonder why people don’t trust them and are beginning to see through the spin.

  3. Must agree with Skeptical Observer. I am O’Reilly’s polar opposite, but must say that he simply did not wish to discuss past events concerning his current employer. For Bill O’Reilly, it was a calm and controlled discussion and no evidence presented itself of him “Spinning” in any direction.

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