Roger Ailes Denies Latest Allegations

Nov 3, 2016  •  Post A Comment

“Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes responded Thursday to a reported excerpt in Megyn Kelly’s forthcoming book, in which she apparently details months of sexual harassment at the hands of Ailes,” Variety reports.

The report quotes a statement from Susan Estrich, counsel to Ailes, that reads: “This is what Ms. Kelly had to say about Roger Ailes only one year ago on the Charlie Rose program. ‘I really care about Roger. And he has been nothing but good to me. And he’s been very loyal. And he’s had my back. And he’s looked out for me.’ Mr. Ailes denies her allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct of any kind.”

As we reported previously, details of alleged sexual harassment of Kelly by Ailes surfaced in leaked excerpts from Kelly’s upcoming book “Settle for More.” The allegations were reportedly added to the book at the last minute. The book is due out Nov. 15.

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  1. Let’s not act “Surprised” at her allegations. Roger, like his “Presidential” “Candidate”, should quietly fade into the Sunset…but neither are smart enough to know when to say WHEN.

  2. Not surprised by Ailes, but I am surprised by the hypocrisy of Kelly. This hurts the main thing that made her different – integrity.

  3. Newt Gingrich just put her in her place with the other so called journalists in the media
    They have their own agenda

  4. So who are you going to believe: Princess Leia or Jabba the Hut?

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