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TV News Anchor Arrested

Nov 3, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A local TV news anchor who’s also a former Miss USA was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles. The AP reports that Lu Parker, an anchor on KTLA-TV, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in connection with the alleged theft of a pair of earbud headphones.

“Parker, 48, was taken into custody at about 7 a.m. in connection with a theft at a Transportation Security Administration screening area in Terminal 6, according to a statement by Airport Police Officer Rob Pedregon,” the AP reports. “She was booked at a police station on suspicion of petty theft and later released.”

Pedregon said the headphones belonged to an off-duty police robber-homicide detective, who made the arrest as a private citizen. Parker, the 1994 winner of the Miss USA pageant, was reportedly arrested after boarding a plane.

KTLA issued a statement saying: “We believe this is a misunderstanding, Lu is cooperating fully with the authorities and we are confident she will be able to clear this all up.”

According to the KTLA statement, Parker had been talking with the owner of the headphones while in line, and later noticed they had been left behind. She picked them up intending to return them to their owner, according to the statement, but boarded the plane after being unable to locate the owner.


  1. Nahright.She stoled them shits.

  2. This “off-duty police robber-homicide detective” needs to get a freakin’ life … what a JERK!

    He has a girl arrested for a cheap pair of headphones

  3. Earbuds? Really? And cops wonder why they’re so hated by the public. Get a life, dude!

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