What Michael Moore Is Now Saying About Trump Is Something Many of Us Have Thought All Along

Nov 10, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who mapped out Donald Trump’s victory with uncanny precision all the way back in July, is now saying something many observers have felt about Trump’s candidacy from its earliest days: The real estate mogul never intended to win the presidency, and didn’t really want the job.

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Moore saying Wednesday: “I don’t think he started running for president to be president. I don’t think he wanted to be president.”

“Earlier in the day, Moore also posted what he called a ‘Morning After To-Do List’ on his Facebook page,” THR adds. “He called for a take-over of the Democratic Party, ‘which failed us miserably’; the firing of all pundits, predictors and pollsters who refused to acknowledge the possibility of a looming Trump win; the need for the Democrats in Congress to fight and resist; the abolition of the electoral college; and a recognition that most Americans still favor women’s equality, debt-free college education, single-payer health care, an end to foreign invasions and a recognition of climate change.”



  1. I said that too that Trump really didn’t wanna be Pres…he was just doing this for the attention…

  2. He got in the race to be a “King Maker” by gathering strong support and then giving that support to his candidate of choice (in my opinion). But on the way to doing that he realized he could be King! His greatest asset is he is not a Clinton – that is what got him elected.

  3. During the first weeks I thought just the same. But then I found several videos of his attitude towards the case from earlier years. He often was asked to run for president and declined. But saying that it hurts him to see America go down and he might one day try to make it better.

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