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Why The New York Times Deleted a Line From Its Post-Election Apology Letter

Nov 16, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The New York Times, which published an apology letter to its readers following the election, made a subsequent edit to the letter that prompted The New York Post to report Tuesday: “The New York Times is a little less fair today.”

“The newspaper’s executive editor and publisher famously penned a post-election letter to their readers on Nov. 11 that promised to ‘rededicate ourselves’ to good journalism — while insisting the Times ‘reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign,'” The Post reports.

The report adds: “The ‘fairly’ line stood out because many readers felt news stories in the newspaper run by Executive Editor Dean Baquet and Publisher Arthur ‘Pinch’ Sulzberger Jr. were decidedly favorable to Hillary Clinton and biased against Donald Trump.”

Baquet and Sulzberger reportedly got flak over the line. Then the sentence — “We believe we reported on both candidates fairly during the presidential campaign” — disappeared from the piece when it was repurposed for the “To Our Readers” section on the Times’ website, the report notes, adding: “It appears to be the only line edited from the 240-word letter.”

The Post talked with a spokeswoman for The Times, who said the edit is “no great mystery.”

The spokeswoman explained: “The letter was originally drafted with our subscribers in mind.” She noted that adding the letter to the website meant presenting it to a broader group of readers.

“Given how broad the audience for the letter would be in that context, we removed the line to avoid it being interpreted as defensive,” the spokeswoman told The Post.


  1. They might as well call the New York Times the huffing post. This rag has lost all credibility as a news paper, it is simply unit style commentary.

  2. The TIMES simply does not get it. They publish this insincere mea culpa yet the following day, numerous times, refer to Donald Trump as “the real estate developer ” and never once as ” President Elect”
    They do not get it
    They will be an electronic, non published tweet by the next election

  3. I supported Clinton. Irrespective, this is 20-20 back-pedaling at its finest.

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