Jay Leno Reaches Out to Victim of Ticket Scam

Dec 27, 2016  •  Post A Comment

After a fan got ripped off trying to buy tickets to see a comedy concert by Jay Leno, the longtime late-night host made a gesture to try to turn the incident into a nice holiday surprise for the fan.

TimesTelegram.com in New York state reports that Leno reached out Monday via the local news website uticaOD.com after hearing the story of Anne Milograno of Marcy.

“Milograno had been quoted in an article about third-party vendors buying tickets in bulk and reselling them to locals for sometimes four times the price. In her case, Milograno was duped into buying four of the $30 tickets for almost $400,” TimesTelegram.com reports. “They never came and she was forced to buy another set the night before the show.”

Talking by phone Monday with uticaOD, Leno said: “I hate to see that kind of stuff happen. I try to keep the price fair. I mean, I’m flattered she would pay that much to see me, but that’s terrible.”

He added: “So I just want to give her some tickets, maybe if she wants to bring some friends, I can give her a set of four. Whatever I can do.”

Leno managed to get connected with Milograno by phone.

After talking with Leno, Milograno said: “Oh my God, I cannot believe I just talked to Jay Leno on the phone! I can’t believe it! I’m like asking 20 questions to the most famous man. The guy from ‘The Tonight Show!’ I’m like, ‘Wow! You’re not really him!'”

Milograno reportedly remained skeptical for part of the call, but later said: “I think it really was him. I’m going, ‘Wait a minute. Boy, whoever is doing his accent has got it down pat.’ It was wild. I can not get over it. It was the best thing to happen.”


  1. More proof that Leno is not as bad a person as many in the media make him out to be

  2. Jay Leno has always been a class act & its such a great to see celebritys help out. God bless you Mr. Leno.

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