‘Live With Kelly’ Announces Co-Hosts for Next Week — and the Top Contenders for the Permanent Spot Are Ranked

Dec 27, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Kelly Ripa’s morning chat show “Live with Kelly” announced the guest hosts for the week of Jan. 2, with Chris Hardwick landing a three-day stint as co-host alongside Ripa. But Hardwick isn’t among the personalities in a new ranking of the top contenders for the permanent position, published today by E! News.

The E! rankiings appear to give the edge to Richard Curtis, the high school teacher who won the show’s viewer guest host contest. Other top contenders include Jerry O’Connell, Fred Savage, Christian Slater, Busy Philipps and Josh Groban.

You can click on the link above to E! News to see the full rankings. Meanwhile, here’s the guest host schedule for next week …

Monday, January 2 – Journalist ANDERSON COOPER

Tuesday, January 3 – Entrepreneur MARK CUBAN

Wednesday, January 4 – TV Host CHRIS HARDWICK

Thursday, January 5 – TV Host CHRIS HARDWICK

Friday, January 6 – TV Host CHRIS HARDWICK


  1. Interesting they haven’t named a cohost yet…could it be nobody wants to work with that narcissist Kelly???!!

  2. I just love Richard Curtis, he is so great. His personality shines and looks so comfortable and natural. He helps start my day and I feel he is just an all around person. The way he speaks about his students with such pride shows how lucky they are. I know they will miss him and I cannot blame them. I will miss him too, I taped all the shows he has been on. I ask that you do consider Richard to fill the vacant seat. The chemistry between then is so normal and natural. Seems as though they have been friends for years.

  3. see above just love RICHARD CURTIS

  4. Kelly Puglisi housewife from Wyckoff NJ would be a great guest host on your show!!!!!

  5. You r country host I liked was your husband mark

  6. Kelly and Anderson, my 1st pick……Love them together, but, then there’s Fred…..Love him too……It’s time, already…
    I’ve watchZeezeeed forever…..Love your show !

  7. Love Anderson, Josh and Fred

  8. It’s true that Richard Curtis is remarkably natural and relaxed for a non-professional but I don’t really enjoy him on the show that much for some reason, probably because he isn’t an entertainer. I much prefer Anderson, Fred or Josh, all of whom are entertainers and seem to relate on Kelly’s level better. At any rate, whoever they pick, I hope they do it soon.

  9. Richard Curtis is Woody from “Toy Story” come to life, Howdy Doody with about as much flavor as a boiled potato. Why would I want to watch this clown on TV? What talent does he have? NONE, What makes him so interesting? NOTHING.. Boring, flavorless, uninteresting, has no business being on TV. Do you hear this? TICK TICK TICK?, That’s the 15minutes running out. If I wanted to see that much ass-kissing, and mugging for the camera I’ll turn on Hoda.

  10. Just cancel the show. It sucks since Michael left…


  12. I am pulling for Fred Savage all the way, very last is Jerry OConnel, he just takes over the screen and dresses so sloppy.I guess I just do not get him. Anderson Cooper is so plain and boring. Second is Richard Curtis, he is just full of life and NORMAL Josh Grobin looks like one hot mess, messy hair and beard, nothing interesting from him.
    Yup, Fred Savage is one live wire and so interesting,love him!

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